In the United States, someone dies from tobacco related causes every 77 seconds.In participation with the March 19th National Kick Butts Day, a day of youth activism, the Knox County Youth Health Board and Smoke Free Knoxville gave an impactful demonstration to speak out against tobacco.

From 1-3 pm, in the middle of Market Square, the board members laid out body bags with tomb stones attached. Each stone featured a statistic related to tobacco illnesses and secondhand smoke. To make the demonstration even more active, a member would lay down on the bag every 77 seconds, to represent the rate at which people have died from tobacco. Spectators viewed the students quietly lying on the body bags and were moved by the demonstration. The purpose of this event was to bring awareness to the community about the dangers of tobacco and secondhand smoke. It was also an opportunity for the youth to stand against tobacco. Metropolitan Drug Commission is an active member of Smoke Free Knoxville coalition.