This week’s blog was written by guest blogger, Caleb Anderson with Recovery Hope. 

One of the best things about October is Halloween. Carving pumpkins, picking just the right costume and going to parties are all “typical” adult activities many partake around this holiday.

So is drinking a lot of alcohol. It seems like only St. Patrick’s Day has bigger crowds at bars, and that wild party a friend is throwing will almost definitely have beer, wine and more. If you are in addiction recovery, this might make Halloween sound impossible to enjoy.

Thankfully, there are ways you can stay sober and still have a great time on Halloween. It starts by having a plan.

Stay Sober By Staying Safe

No matter where you go this Halloween, you need to stay safe. Feeling like you’re in danger can stress you out to the point where a drink sounds like a good idea. If you’re heading out, make sure you spend the holiday with trusted friends. Staying in a group can help everyone stay protected, and don’t leave without someone by your side.

Sobriety At Halloween Parties

While your plan should include safety, you’re still going to face temptation no matter how comfortable you feel. You deserve to have a great time on Halloween as much as anyone else, which is why your plan should include preparation, how to say no, and having fun.

Preparation means knowing what situation you’ll be in at the party and inviting a sober friend that can help when you feel weak. You should also practice saying no to offered drinks, as such practice makes it more likely you’ll say the right words. Additionally, you should find ways to have fun, like dancing, playing games and listening to music. Finally, you’ll need to prepare to leave the party without causing undue alarm.

Sober-Friendly Halloween Activities

If the idea of hitting a Halloween party is too much, then there are other ways you can have fun this holiday. One example is to throw your own sober party where the emphasis is on great food, soda and games. There’s no temptation when there’s no alcohol.

Halloween is practically synonymous with scary movies, which can serve as another sober activity. Have people vote online for their favorite scary movies, and run a marathon of them at your home or at a friend’s place. If your friends are determined to drink this Halloween, contact your sponsor or local AA chapter to see if they know of some sober parties nearby.

You Can Have A Sober Halloween

Avoiding alcohol when you’re in addiction recovery is extremely important, so don’t let Halloween ruin your sobriety. Create a plan to stay safe, learn how to say no, and enjoy sober activities this October so you can stay clean but still enjoy yourself.