YHB 10On Sunday, March 22, Youth Health Board students, along with pharmacy students from South College and Smoke-Free Knoxville volunteers, held an event to stand up against tobacco.  This was held to recognize Kick Butts Day, which is observed on March 18.This is a national day of activism that empowers young people to stand out and speak up against tobacco.

Members of the Youth Health Board creatively displayed some of the ways the tobacco industry has deceived the public through marketing and advertising.  The Youth Health Board display included “Big Tobacco’s Dirty Laundry.” The teens had t-shirts on clotheslines with tricks and lies the tobacco industry has told throughout history. They also had an exhibit showing household items that contain ingredients also found in cigarettes.  In addition, youth provided free carbon monoxide screenings and educational information on tobacco.

Thanks to the Youth Health Board for standing up and supporting tobacco prevention!