If you are selling your home, you are probably planning an open house with your realtor. Many people take precautions when strangers enter their homes by locking up their jewelry and other expensive items, but what about your prescription drugs? People in addiction and dealers commonly target open houses in order to steal prescription drugs.


As the prescription drug epidemic continues to grow, drug dealers and people in active addiction are looking for more easily accessible resources to obtain drugs. Some of these drugs can exceed $50 per pill on the streets, so obtaining drugs for free can create a large profit for dealers. It’s important to talk to your realtor and discuss a plan to safeguard your home during public or private showings. Here are some tips for avoiding drug theft in your home:

  • Store your prescription drugs in a safe or other secure location. Bathroom drawers, medicine cabinets and bedside tables are places that drug thieves will often look first.
  • Pay attention to those in your home. Realtors can provide a sign-in sheet to collect contact information.
  • Never show your home alone. Show your home with two or more people to keep you and your guests safe.
  • Communicate with your realtor anytime anyone enters your home for a showing.
  • Contact the police immediately to report a theft from your home.


In addition to these tips, MDC advises any homeowner to properly dispose of expired or unused drugs properly. Doing so can prevent these thefts from occurring. Medication take back events in the area are frequently posted on our website, and a 24/7, permanent dropbox is located in the Knoxville Police Department Safety Building (800 Howard Baker Jr. Ave.).