Erik AingeErik Ainge: Anyone Can Lead

On October 27, MDC had the privilege of bringing Erik Ainge, former Tennessee and New York Jets quarterback, to Fulton High School. He spoke to the entire student body on making the right decisions and driving the important message that anyone can lead. Throughout his message, Erik shared with the students on how to be their own person and not to fall into peer pressure. He spoke firsthand how drugs and alcohol can have a negative impact on someone’s life, and future. Fulton’s SADD chapter coordinated this event and the SADD chapter President introduced Erik. Erik had a chance to speak on Falcon Radio, WKCS 91.1 FM, about a variety of topics. The student-hosts of the radio show brought up Tennessee Football and also tied in the messages that they heard from Erik’s speech earlier in the day. We are proud of the students at Fulton High School who help continue this important message to today’s youth!


New SADD Chapters

We are excited to welcome Webb School of Knoxville and Halls High School to the SADD Family! We now have six chapters in the Knoxville area. SADD believes in the power of young people and their ability to influence their peers to make healthy decisions. If you are interested in starting a SADD chapter in your school and empowering your students to be positive role models let MDC help you! For more information, please contact Caleb Yokley at 865-588-5550 x 101.


SADD Shines Day

National SADD Shines Day, February 4, 2015, will be a day to celebrate all the ways SADD teens make a difference in individual’s lives and for SADD chapters across the country to celebrate and shine together.

SADD students have been empowering their peers and creating positive change for 33 years, and on SADD Shines Day chapters will conduct a special activity centered on a homemade lantern idea to illustrate how SADD youth show the way to make their schools and communities better places to live.

Make sure to check out the April newsletter to see what our local SADD chapters did for this special day!