With prom and graduation season quickly approaching, SADD students are focusing their energy on ensuring that their classmates make safe decisions. Prom and graduation are both very exciting events, and call for much deserved celebration. SADD members remind and encourage their friends to avoid drugs, alcohol or risky decisions. We want students to make wonderful memories without regret.


The mission and energy of Students Against Destructive Decisions continues to have a magnetic pull on Knox County’s high school students and faculty. West High School and Powell High School have both agreed to join the SADD family by starting chapters in their schools. Tennessee was recently selected by SADD national to be a participant in the new safe driving pilot program. This gives SADD chapters the materials necessary to change students’ view on safe driving. We look forward to having both West and Powell High SADD chapters leading the way to a safer tomorrow through positive peer influence.


If you are interested in starting a SADD chapter in your school and empowering your students to be positive role models let MDC help you! For more information, please contact Caleb Yokley at 865-588-5550 x 101.