20150417_155917The staff and students of Richard Yoakley, Knox County’s Alternative Learning School, have implemented an Anti-Bully Campaign in a very creative way. The students helped engage other students about by having a door decorating contest. Each class had the opportunity to decorate the outside of their homeroom door with visual information that discouraged bullying and violence. Staff members of the MDC judged the art work in the categories of creativity, artistic ability, and messaging. All participating students did a great job, but Room took home the prize and won first place. This class creatively used the message, “Harmful words and actions belong in the trash.” This message shows that anything hurtful you have to act upon, don’t do it, be kind to others, and leave the rest in the trash.

We are very pleased to announce that United Way of Greater Knoxville has renewed the grant that supports the Accelerated Reading program to the students of Richard Yoakley. This program has been successful in helping students advance in reading comprehension, which is the foundation for academic success. During the upcoming school year, accelerated reader will be available to RYS’ middle school students where they will be encouraged to read along with their high school classmates. On average these students are 2-3 grade levels behind their peers. The reading program averages a one grade level increase in grade level per semester. Life changing progress!