Kendra RiderSticking to this month’s theme of Alcohol Awareness Month, I wanted to talk a little bit more about underage drinking as well as give you all some more information on where and why teens are drinking. Just because there are no parents at home doesn’t mean that they aren’t being responsible.

A lack of parental supervision is the key ingredient in where teens are drinking alcohol. When asked where they most likely underage drink, the most common answer was when the parents are not home. 61% of the youth’s interviewed said that they also drink at friends houses when their parents are not home. What is even scarier is that teens are drinking to get drunk, not just as a social thing.

Where are they getting this alcohol? Well the most common answer here was from family and friends who are supplying the tools for these young people to drink. Parents are ultimately responsible for underage drinking in their home. This special from ABC shows the consequences of underage drinking in the home.

For more information check out this video HERE on a few parents who are suffering the consequences of their teens drinking.