The National Institute on Drug Abuse in partnership with the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism holds a sponsored week-long event for American teens to learn the real facts and impacts of drug and alcohol abuse. National Drug and Alcohol Fact week is January 22 – January 28. This event was created with the mission of helping today’s youth “Shatter the myths” with science-based facts about drug use.

This national event has stretched its audience by reaching out to schools and community groups all over the United States to hold local events. The focus of these events is to debunk myths or misconceptions teenagers may have about drugs and alcohol abuse. This relaxed setting is used to open up a dialogue between students and well-informed adults in their community. The educated facilitators give real insight into consequences, prevention and treatment of drug abuse. This is a unique and important education moment for teenagers, who are often in contact with non-reliable, information sources.

The National Institute for Drug Abuse creates print and toolkits to distribute at register events. In addition, the local organizers are encouraged to promote their specific events online to target middle and high school students. The National Institute also held a live online chat on Monday, January 22 in order to facilitate active conversations between Teenagers and Scientist dealing with drug facts.

The use of local events promotes active involvement in the next generations, but also creates opportunities for open communication between teens and trusted adults. This lifeline could be beneficial for adolescences struggling with abuse themselves, or a future situation dealing with drug or alcohol abuse.

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