Davis Rhea, Regional Lifeline Director: Davis facilitates recovery efforts across the sixteen county area of Region 2. He educates those in recovery and the community with a specific goal in mind, reducing the stigma of substance misuse by establishing lifelines and support services for individuals in need. Davis has a passion for helping others find a path to recovery and gain the skills to sustain their journey.







Emory Young, Recovery Coach, LDAC II, NCAC I, SAP, CPRS, RAS: Emory serves as an MDC Recovery Coach Academy trained Recovery Coach. He will promote recovery, remove barriers, connect recoverees with recovery support services, as well as encourage hope, optimism, and healthy living.

Emory is a Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor II, National Certified Addiction Counselor I, Substance Abuse Professional, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and Registered Addiction Specialist. He has worked in the field of addiction and recovery services for 22 years with various different investment in the field of substance abuse treatment and helping those afflicted with the disease of addiction. Emory is dedicated to help instill a feeling of hope, that a person may be able to overcome barriers to recovery from addiction and find a new way live.