On February 24, MDC welcomed the new Lifeline Regional Director, Chad Gibson, to the team. Chad, 28, is originally from the Knoxville area and passionate about substance abuse awareness.

The Lifeline Regional Director is a position funded by a state grant to facilitate recovery efforts in the region and to reduce the stigma of addiction. This position entails many facets, but holds one ongoing goal: to reduce the stigma of substance abuse by establishing lifelines and support services throughout the community. In order to qualify and hold this position, the Lifeline Regional Director must have a background in substance abuse and be in recovery.

Chad has a strong story with substance abuse, himself. Chad is a recovering heroin addict. He uses his story to show others that it is possible to go through and come out of recovery and most importantly, stay clean. One way Chad has utilized his story in the community is being one of the founders of KRED, a lifestyle brand that focuses on giving back and raising awareness about addiction. KRED works hand-in-hand with halfway houses, those in treatment and giving hope to others and other addicts.

When asked what he is most excited about as he starts this position at MDC, he answered, “I am really excited to work in a field that I am passionate about. This is the best of both worlds and I am excited to build a network because addiction is a huge problem.”

Metro Drug Coalition is thrilled to have Chad join the staff. “Because Chad is younger, he adds a new dynamic voice and face to addiction; he has a powerful story,” says MDC’s Executive Director, Karen Pershing.

Welcome to the team, Chad. We look forward to seeing the great things you will accomplish.