The Metropolitan Drug Commission’s Board of Directors, after careful consideration, has made the decision to establish an endowment fund with the East Tennessee Foundation.  Endowments help non-profit organizations build an infrastructure to support the sustainability for the communities they serve.  With MDC coming up on its 30 year anniversary, it is important that we continue our mission.  The initial investment is small, but will allow donors who would like for their donations to contribute to building a stable future for the organization to do so.  It also allows the MDC to continue to grow the endowment through fundraising efforts.  “We are pleased to be working with the East Tennessee Foundation who invests the funds in a collective and thoughtful manner to ensure a balanced long-term investment strategy”, stated Karen Pershing, Executive Director.

To contribute to the endowment fund, you may contact the East TN Foundation at (865) 524-1223 or the MDC at 865-588-5550.