What is your background in substance abuse prevention? IMG_3305 copy
I became involved in prescription drug diversion about 14 years ago with the investigation and successful prosecution of a “pill mill” in Knoxville. As part of a task force made up of TBI, FBI, HHS-OIG and local law enforcement, I continued to be involved in several investigations concerning doctor shopping and pill mills. In addition, I served as the Regional and State Coordinator for the Tennessee Drug Diversion Task Force before merging with the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force to form the Tennessee Methamphetamine & Pharmaceutical Task Force. Our goal is to bring together individuals from all parts of the community to educate and train in the area of prescription drug diversion. Members of the task force include law enforcement, healthcare providers (doctors, nurses & pharmacists), healthcare industry professionals (insurance and labs) and retail industry.

How did you first become involved with our coalition?
I became involved with MDC at the invitation of Margaret Chuinard, Special Agent, TBI. It has been a great opportunity to continue working with all areas of the prescription drug abuse issue in an effort to stop this ever growing problem. It has also made me more aware of the need for more and better treatment options for those seeking help with this addiction.

Tell us a bit about Sherrod Investigative Group and its services.
We are a private investigative company working with local attorneys on a wide variety of investigations. We specialize in white collar type investigations (criminal or civil) such as healthcare fraud and prescription drug diversion as well as contract fraud, insurance fraud, workers compensation fraud, bribery, bid rigging, sexual harassment, child custody, and corporate investigations.

What do you love most about your work at SIG?
I’m now working with my husband, Dan Sherrod, and having spent much of our 22 years of marriage traveling in different directions, we can now spend more time together. We are also able to continue growing professionally both as individuals and a company.

How can others get in touch with you to learn more about your services?
My cell is 865-680-2682, Dan’s cell is 865-254-1663 and our website is www.sherrodinvestigativegroup.com