The Knoxville/Knox County Mayors’ Youth Action Council (YAC), representing teen leaders from across the county, welcomed 18 members this fall. YAC is charged with ensuring youth have a voice in local government while connecting teens with community and volunteer projects.

This year, the group’s four focus areas are physical and mental health, environment, education and life skills.

“I am very excited about this year. We are all ready to start our projects,” Maggie Sumner, YAC member, said. “We hope we can make an impact and help younger youth!”

Congratulations, everyone!

Alexandra Christopolous
Caleb Collins
Rebecca Denton
Jessica Sneed
Lam Tran
Kolton Matherly
Elizabeth Gore
Madison Wilkins
Jacob Sanders
Jessica Tobias
Grace Baek
Rebecca Cansler
Rachel Ryan
Maggie Sumner
Raina Fitzpatrick
Charlie Vogel
Julia McClarnon
Kimberly Woodward