This blog was written by MDC staff member, Jason Goodman. Thank you for having a heart to serve those struggling with addiction. 

First, Love yourself.

Families often struggle in the grips of the pain and misery that active addiction can bring. Loving someone through these specific times are some of the most painful situations that I see today. When I think back to all the memories of my own family hurting when I was in active addiction, not knowing what to do to help me, I understand. Those of us who are in recovery and looking to help individuals with substance abuse disorders believe that in order to do so, we must diligently work a program of recovery to be equipped and in a position to help those that will come our way.

It is my belief that the loved ones closest to those in need can do the same.

We can only keep what we have by giving it away. In the practice of loving ourselves, we find the love and encouragement to give to those around us. Loved ones can attend support groups such as Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and Celebrate Recovery in order to begin a process of self-love and boundary setting which will create a healthier space to help someone. The more that we learn that addiction is a family disease, that it affects everyone it touches, the more we realize that recovery must be a family movement as well. No one wants to be in these painful situations.

From the perspective of a person living in long-term recovery, I am so grateful for a recovery process that not only affords me beautiful opportunities to amend the harm I have caused others from my addiction, but it also carries me through times of pain associated with other’s addiction. There is hope. When we ask for help it is available. When we see others recovering from the very things that have caused us the most pain, wonderful things happen. Families are reunited, people not only recover, they thrive, and we realize that God was there all along working it all out for good.

Seek those who have walked and continue to walk through the struggle, hold their hands, and love yourself.



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