Grand Families LogoGrand Families is a new program that MDC is assisting in its start up. They are in the process of organizing and getting their 501(c)3. Grand Families is dedicated to providing education and support to grandparents and relatives who are raising children of extended family members.

The founders of this organization, Cookie Oakley and Donna Henson, are excited that they are seeing this program come to life. Something most people don’t realize is that there are nearly three million children that are being raised by their grandparents-According to the 2010 U.S. Census.


Grand FamiliesTheir kick-off activity involved helping spread Christmas cheer. Partnering with South College Physician Assistants’ students and the MDC, Grand Families had their first Grand Family Christmas. With this project, Grand Families helped provide gifts to families who are raising their grandchildren and have fewer financial resources. This year, Grand Families supported five families, but hopes to be able to support more in the future.

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