The Grainger United Anti-Drug Coalition held a Town Hall meeting on April 23. Many different agencies who offer services in Grainger County and in the surrounding area were present. MDC Executive Director, Karen Pershing, presented information on Born Drug-Free Tennessee, an educational campaign to raise awareness about babies being born exposed to prescription and other drugs. The campaign educates expectant mothers about the importance of discussing prescription and other drug use with their doctors. Stan Grubb, Lifeline Coordinator, also shared information about the different support groups located in Region 2. Thank you Grainger County for hosting this great event!

We are also pleased to announce The Grainger County Sheriff’s Department recently applied to and was accepted as a participant in the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conversation’s “Tennessee Unwanted Pharmaceuticals Take Back Program.” The medication collection box is located in the reception area at the Sheriff’s Office and is accessible from 8:30 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. during normal workdays (Monday-Friday). The collection box will also be taken to community events around the county.