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Fall is officially here, and that means some of our favorite holidays are approaching. It’s time to get out your favorite costume. That’s right…. Halloween is here!

Halloween isn’t just a holiday for the kids. In fact, many adults enjoy a spooky-themed party just as much as kids enjoy trick or treating. But of course, the common beverage at these parties is alcohol.

Research shows that Halloween is a risky time for DUIs. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, impaired drivers are involved in nearly 60 percent of all Halloween highway fatalities nationwide.

Across the nation, law enforcement officers will be on the look out for drunk drivers. Don’t put yourself and others in harm’s way. If you plan to drink, arrange a safe way home before you go out.

It is not just the adults we are concerned with. Halloween is a night that encourages mischief among teens. According to an annual survey of U.S. youth, 3/4 of 12th graders, more than 2/3 of 10th graders, and about two in every five 8th graders have consumed alcohol sometime in their life.

Research also suggests that environmental factors play a role in teen drinking. Engaging in such risky behavior is more common in an environment that presents the opportunity, such as Halloween. This is why it is especially important for parents to know their children’s whereabouts and encourage positive and safe activities.

During the holidays, drink responsibly and know what your children are doing. Set a good example so you and your children have a safe, memorable Halloween experience.