Email Banner- 300 x 300MDC is sponsoring WVLT’s Rivalry Thursday games with a special underage drinking message for parents: “You don’t always have to be the life of the party!”

The “Be A Parent. Not A Peer.” commercial will air twice during every game.

MDC hopes to raise awareness about Tennessee’s social host law. Social hosting is when an adult knowingly provides alcohol to an underage person or provides them a location in which to drink.

While it may seem harmless, social hosting has serious consequences. Adults can be sentenced to up to a year in jail for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Other consequences include community service, loss of license and hefty fines. In addition, hosts can be held legally responsible for property damage, violent crime, injuries and other negative outcomes that may result.

Underage drinking is not an inevitable “rite of passage.” Allowing teens to drink, even under your supervision, is illegal, unhealthy and unsafe. It sends a mixed message to teens that some laws can be broken.

MDC is asking parents to make a pledge to stop teen drinking. You can join the movement by agreeing to:

  • Prevent youth from drinking alcohol in your home by setting clear rules.
  • Supervise youth at gatherings at your home.
  • Store alcohol and medications in a secure location.
  • Expect other parents to contact you if your child is using alcohol or drugs.
  • Report any underage drinking in your neighborhood or community.
  • Promote the pledge and ask other adults to “Be A Parent. Not A Peer.”

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