It’s time to clean out your medicine cabinet and safely dispose of any expired or unwanted medication! Did you know that flushing these is not recommended? Incineration is the safest means by which to destroy. Sixty-four percent of Tennesseans know someone who has become addicted to prescription pain medication. Despite this statistic, many individuals do not see it as something that could occur in their household.

Please join WBIR Channel 10, Knoxville Police Department – TNand Metro Drug Coalitionas we host a medication collection event on July 19. This will be in the lower parking lot along Edgewood Avenue at WBIR Studios.

Count it Lock it Drop its mission is for people to be educated on prescription drug misuse and properly counting, locking, or disposing of these prescription medications.

Can’t make it to the event and have medication to dispose of? Please visit Count It Lock It Drop Itat countitlockitdropit.orgto find a location near you.